History of Stonyhurst Park Golf Club


The origins of Stonyhurst Park Golf Club are somewhat obscure. However, it is known that in 1890, George Walker, then studying philosophy at Stonyhurst College, decided he wanted to play golf and went out with a handful of markers for tees and greens and started hitting balls.

Leaving College he prospered, became President of the USA Golf Association, and presented the "Walker Cup" for Competition between amateurs from Great Britain and the USA.

In 1894 there are references in the Stonyhurst Magazine ...

"We have the makings of a magnificent links at Stonyhurst ..." also in the same year "A nine hole course of some 2,500 yards was laid out in the old Deer Park". In the November magazine "Golf is now one of our regular games ... and the new course is far superior".

From 1895 a regular tournament was held with a cup presented in 1897; local livestock grazed the course, as indeed they did until 1994! A map of the "Philosopher's Course" was produced in 1906 from 1923 Golf was regularly advertised as extra-curricular attraction in the College prospectus.

The Second World War

Parts were ploughed to increase home food production and some will remember the "Dig for Victory" campaign. The course was also used by the Military as a training ground for the local Home Guard and because of petrol rationing it is likely that horse drawn gangs were used for fairway mowing.

Stonyhurst Park Golf Club was created in 1979; a Committee sought the advice of ELGA and were offered the services of the late John Kay, who was instrumental in expediting our application for full Membership.

Members fees were £12.00 - but Hurst Green locals could join for £6.00!

The Bayley Arms became our 19th hole - appreciated immensely by both Members and visitors to the Club.

The club as we know it

Thanks primarily to the efforts of Arthur Wilkinson a new Swedish-style Clubhouse was completed in 1994. Members do not appreciate the not-so-subtle difference from the wet and windy car boot to the cozy and attractive little bit of Sweden.

Space restriction prevents further expanded detail - our participation as Marshalls at the Opens when played at Royal Lytham & St. Annes - hosting annually the College Preparatory and Junior School Championships - every year raising at least £6,000 for Charities during our Corporate weekend - and detailing our proud connections with Stonyhurst College.

Play the course and you discover peace and tranquility; greens are not easy (the 9th being transported from Rishton GC when the new Motorway opened) but the fairways amongst the finest in the area. We are also recognised as a friendly Club and certainly Members make the effort to welcome visitors.

We have come a long way since 1979, and long may the success continue.

With acknowledgement to contributors to the Club's 21 year anniversary handbook.