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Stonyhurst Park Golf Club accepts applications for membership throughout the year, reduced membership fees are paid if you join mid-season. New members are welcomed formally into the club at a new members meeting aimed at helping them to get established and play with golfing partners at their level.

A new members competition is organised in the early part of the golfing calendar enabling them to meet fellow members and encourage participation in club events. The club is renowned for its friendly, welcoming atmosphere and the members work hard to maintain this tradition.

Membership Fees 2018/2019

Full member (30 to 69 years)£350.00
Full member (over 70 years) *£330.00
Full member (College staff)£330.00
Aspirational golfer (23-29)£330.00
Young golfer (18-22 years)£165.00
Junior members (13-18 years)£60.00
Junior members (8-12 years)£30.00
Social member (per person)£10.00
1 Existing & 1 New Member £595.00
2 New Members £595.00 £50.00 Admin Fee
4 New Members £1000.00 £50.00 Admin Fee

* Subject to 3 years continuous membership.


Please feel free to contact our Membership Secretary using the contact form located here.

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